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Concept designer, acrobatic choreographer, dramaturg

Innovative and experienced creator, Masha comes from a family of artists. Growing up on tour with Cirque Du Soleil, Masha has years of experience in directing, concept design, circus choreography, and artistic counselling. Multifaceted leader skilled in orchestrating coordination of ideas, collaboration and versatility of style.

Specialising in circus, physical theatre & cabaret, Masha has directred shows, short films, circus acts, physical theatre and comedy. Recent credits include concept design for Cirque Du Soleil, assistant director at Sydney Opera House, director of Autocannibal for Oozing Future &  Popcorn Underground for Wonderland Spiegeltent

Recent work


Masha's extensive repertoire and knowledge of circus stagecraft allows her to acutely identify the style of work that the artist wants to create and focus them to achieve it. This is a rare quality in a director and one which I found refreshing and vitalizing for my own work.”

- James Kingford-Smith, a Movement of Humans

“You can easily see that Masha’s insight as a director stems from her vast experience and years of performing all over the world. Her creativity and knowledge is endless; from world class acrobatic technique, to storytelling, stage presence or comedic timing. What makes her unique as a director however, is that she really gets to know and see the individuality of the artists, and then uses their strengths to help them grow and build to create something that they feel truly empowered and proud to perform.”

​- Elli Huber, international circus artist

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